6b – Continuous Professional Learning

“Engage in continuous learning to deepen professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions in organizational change and leadership, project management, and adult learning to improve professional practice”ISTE Coaching Indicator 6b

When I reflect on ISTE coaching standard 6b, my mind goes right to my post on Paying it Forward: Admins as Brokers of Innovation.  In it, I consider how administrators can possibly deal with the variety of stakeholders and interests who may want different things when it comes to technology in the school. The response to this seemingly overwhelming issue in my post revolves around administrators working in community and serving as brokers of innovation.  This fosters peer-to-peer collaboration among faculty and administration where it matters most: in practice.  These partnerships offer the kind of opportunities for professional growth in knowledge, skills, and dispositions in organizational change  discussed in the standard. It’s not about the newest “toy” or latest trend; it’s about working with your professional community.  Laura McKenna’s piece for Edutopia, which I cite extensively in the post, is commendable not because it tells us as EdTech leaders the right path for us to take in meeting the goals of these standards, but rather, she tells us how to find the right path for our respective schools. This path  will differ from school to school, but if we work together and learn from each other, we can make much better progress towards our common goal.