3b – Digital Tools

“Maintain and manage a variety of digital tools and resources for teacher and student use in technology-rich learning environments” – ISTE Coaching Indicator 3b

Keeping abreast of of the latest changes in a rapidly  changing field can be daunting, and in my post Surfing the Wave: Keeping Abreast of the Digital Ed Field I look at how teachers and digital education leaders can utilize strategies to do just that. ISTE Coaching Indicator 3b calls on us to “maintain” and “manage” the digital tools and resources teachers and students need.  The Association of College and Research Libraries, (a division of the American Library Association) provided a list of strategies to help digital leaders keep on top of the latest technologies and I cite this article in my post. The original source article is targeted primarily towards librarians, but think teachers and tech leaders can benefit from it too. I’ve even found myself using terms mentioned in the article with my peers (like “freemium” to describe websites that offer basic services or content for free but require a purchase to access the full range of content or services). I also always try to have the fifth point on the list (“why?”) in mind when looking at new technology. Is it helping us achieve an educational goal or is it merely technology for technology’s sake?

Going forward in my EdTech career, I anticipate that I will frequently be drawing on the concepts regarding effective maintenance and management of digital tools outlined here. It’s a constant challenge, but the right tools can help us effectively “surf the wave” of change.