3g – Communication

“Use digital communication and collaboration tools to communicate locally and globally with students, parents, peers, and the larger community”– ISTE Coaching Indicator 3g

Communication in education has always been important and, like many fields, it has been profoundly transformed by digital technology. ISTE Coaching Indicator 3g considers how this digital revolution impacts communication and education, and in my post Can We Get on the Same (Web) Page?  I look at the role learning management systems (LMS’s) and learning content management systems (LCMS’s)  play in demonstrating this indicator. Teachers now find themselves in a position to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas via technology like never before. Some schools have effective LMS’s and LCMS’s which allow them to communicate almost seamlessly with students, parents, and peers through websites, email, or mobile apps.  My post is somewhat critical of the lack of standardization and poor implementation regarding LMS’s that occurs in many schools, but my plea is one for an intentional effort and strategy with regards to meeting the standard as opposed to the too-often haphazard approach many schools take.

Upon reflection, I not only stand by what I said in the original post, but am even more convinced of the merits of effective communication using digital tools. One by-product of this that I point out in the original post and still see the benefits of on a daily basis, is transparency. When students, parents, and peers can all see how they’re doing and what we’re doing in the classroom, the transparency this provides is liberating. Students know, parents know, and peers know what’s going on. There’s less confusion, more collaboration and cooperation, and generally a better opportunity for everyone to share in the learning experience.