2g – Assessments

“Coach teachers in and model effective use of technology tools and resources to continuously assess student learning and technology literacy by applying a rich variety of formative and summative assessments aligned with content and student technology standards” – ISTE Coaching Indicator 3g

When reflecting on my what I’ve learned about ISTE indicator 3g, I thought specifically about how schools measure students’ technology literacy. It’s a complicated subject and no one system works perfectly for every school in every situation. Individual technology targets for students are not only dependent on the various needs of differing institutions and clientele, they are also subject to constant change as technology changes.  In looking at the big picture then, the assessments first need to be rooted in a sound philosophical understanding of how technology should be used, and then it can be effectively measured. In my post Building a Better Education with Scaffolding!  I look at Dr. Liz Kolb’s “Triple E Framework” for the implementation and integration of technology in education, and I examine its use as the foundation for an assessment tool.  The framework emphasizes course content which is then made more Engaging, Enhanced, and Extended by the use of technology.  Dr. Kolb provides a  series of compelling questions at each level related to both content and technology that can help guide a school in establishing specific standards. At one point I write that the frameworks serves as a “measurement tool to help teachers write better tech-integrated lessons and help administrators better gauge the effectiveness of how technology is integrated in their schools.” This is an important first step. Even now, as my current school considers how it wants to establish and measure technology standards for students, the importance of a sound foundation upon which to build is crystal clear. I will be advocating for the Triple E framework as I believe it has the clearest guidelines as we seek to set the standards we will soon be measuring.