1c – Advocate for Implementation

“Advocate for policies, procedures, programs, and funding strategies to support implementation of the shared vision represented in the school and district technology plans and guidelines” – ISTE Coaching Indicator 1c

Advocating for policies, procedures, programs, and funding to meet the shared technology vision is necessary if the vision is ever to take flight.  Much like ISTE Coaching Indicator 1, I often think of my own experiences with regard to meeting this standard. Most of my teaching tenure has been in private schools with a relatively small bureaucracy and advocacy for a technology vision has often been a matter of meeting with the right person at the right time. In settings where few people have the time or inclination to participate in the process of shaping policies on technology, the problem is not having a voice to do so, it is the inertia one encounters when trying to get things done.  Despite this difficulty, I believe I have been fairly successful in getting things done with regard to technology. Suggestions I have made regarding our school’s grade book program have been implement, I have helped clarify and establish technology procedures for the staff,  I have led numerous technology training sessions at our school, and I even offered to lead a semester-long professional learning community (PLC) focused on technology in education.

In the Digital Education Leadership Program, I helped create a coaching plan for peer coaching at our school. It was a fascinating experience where I learned not only about the peer coaching process, but about myself as a peer coach. This connects to the indicator in that I believe it can be a model for future implementation of our school’s technology vision. While some elements of that vision have yet to be determined, I fully intend to advocate for a peer coaching program similar to the one I used. It must emphasizes trust and mutual respect and should “start with the willing.”

Advocacy for the technology vision is important and while I’ve had some success and experience in it, I suspect that it will be an ever-growing part of my future career.